They definitely speed up the baiting process. Buddy and I did 2400' in 35 minutes with him grabbing clams and me popping bags open and pulling line. Used to take almost 2 hrs before

Overall seems to be working well though and definitely speeds up the baiting time with not having to take the bag off and on.

OMG. I did 2 lines before my buddy did 1 the old way. I'm impressed. The test is tomorrow if they come out right when I lay. Great day. Bags ran nice. Had 1 that got stuck in net and lost it. Caught 6 bushels

I'll tell you these snapbait bags were phenomenal for me last season. Just an awesome product that I plan post a thread about showing my setup.

I figured I’d let you know how much I like the clips & how much easier they make baiting the line. My dads coworker is interested so I’m gonna shoot them your email.

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